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Family Tax Policy: A path Forward To Lifting Children Out of Poverty

Family Tax Policy: A Path Forward to Lifting Children out of Poverty is a 30-page report from the the U.S. Child Poverty Action Group that offers lawmakers a blueprint for using tax reform to improve the standard of living for children in the United States.

Who Benefits from Expanding the Child Tax Credit?

New analysis of public IRS data from the Sutherland Institutes shows an expanded child tax credit would benefit families in Utah, the Sun Belt, and lower-to-middle-income and rural American counties. 

Celebrating 20 years of family tax relief

Writing in The Hill, sociologist Joshua McCabe discusses the importance of the Child Tax Credit for working families in light of the 20th anniversary of its creation.

Statements in Support of ExpandTheChildTaxCredit.com

"Expanding the child tax credit is the number one thing we can do to enact a tax cut for working American families. Pro-family organizations have long been essential partners for this priority, and Expandthechildtaxcredit.com will help us ensure the tax reform package Congress considers puts working families first in line for relief."

- Senator Marco Rubio

"Working families expect to see real benefits from tax reform, and an expanded Child Tax Credit is one of the best ways to target relief for those who need it most. The Child Tax Credit coalition’s clear voice on the topic is crucial in ensuring that our families aren’t simply an afterthought in tax reform."

- Senator Mike Lee